Hagara Stuff
Image Making


In parallel to my daily work, I established a working routine in which I create collages, illustrations, and graffiti works.

At first, it was initiated in order to have a personally derived work, but after a while, that routine took more of my time, I deepened my research and gave it more significance.

In these artworks, I create a fantasy world, inspired by American pop themes such as tattoos, fashion magazines, and graphic art.
I use the shape and the content in order to blur borders between sweet images to horrific dream-like scenarios and create surrealistic sub-worlds, which are humorous and intellectual, make a lot of sense and at the same time not at all.

Solo Exhibitions

2017 - Leaping Brain – a site-specific installation at Peacock Bar, Tel Aviv

2017 - Inner Ear and The Place Theory - a site-specific installation at Mona Studios, Tel Aviv.



Art and branding for the "Message on a bottle" exhibition.


Poster design for a Dog grooming salon in Tel Aviv


Poster design for a dance performance in Belgrade


Collage illustrations for the "Poets project", created by Alon levi


Hagara Stuff - The Collages
{Personal projects}